LanyardsWe have the largest selection of zipline lanyards, zipline lobster claws, and zipline cable tethers, for all types of zip lines. Custom made, adjustable or fixed length zipline safety tethers, lanyards and adjustable straps. Largest selection of zip line tethers, double lanyards and safety attachments. Zorbers MUST be used if any protection anchor points being used are static (bolts, bolt hangers, staples, steel rods or beams).




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  1. Robertson Adjustable Lobster Claws
    These are the basic model with NO snap hooks or Zorber. These are only appropriate for clipping in to protection with some dynamic load absorbing features like rope or fairly slack cable such as a belay cable on a high ropes course or zipline. Learn More
  2. Robertson Lobster Claws
    These lobster Claws are a unique, non-adjustable set of positioning / safety lanyards designed specifically for program high ropes courses. Learn More
  3. Robertson Adjustable Lanyards
    As low as $60.20
    1-3/4" Nylon Webbing Ajustable Lanyards are used for protection on high ropes courses, adventure courses, industrial heights and a variety of home applications. Learn More
  4. Singing Rock V Lanyard
    The Singing rock V safety zip line lanyard designed to keep you connected to your protection at all times. “V” design allows you to stay connected while passing protection points. Learn More
  5. Snap Hook - Industrial Snap Hooks
    Special Price $14.00 Regular Price $15.00
    Snap hooks are recommended as they are easier for small hands, more ergonomically friendly and are permanently attached to the lobster claws. Learn More
  6. Zorber Energy Absorbing Fall Protection
    The Zorber Shock absorbing unit is compact and lightweight. When a 220 pound weight is dropped six feet, the maximum arresting force will be less than 900 pounds. Learn More
  7. Robertson Zip Line Tether Sewn
    As low as $46.80
    Double sewn zip line tether is the only double zip line tether that meets all standards for ACCT, PRCA for professional zip line and canopy tours. Each tether exceeds the 5,000 lb minimum strength requirement. Learn More
  8. CONNEXION FIXE Anchor strap
    As low as $31.55
    CONNEXION FIXE Anchor strap, Forged steel D-rings on the ends. The Connexion Fixe anchor strap is the climbers choice for top rope anchor systems. This anchor strap is the best for rock climbing rope systems. Learn More
  9. CMI Trolley Lanyard
    As low as $38.34
    CMI Zip Line Trolley Lanyard makes zip lining a cinch. A rider should have two separate lanyards attached to the trolley for a safe and secure zip lining ride Learn More
  10. Robertson Pick Off Strap
    Robertson Zipline Pick Off Strap works well for positioning the victim for a lowering off a zipline or rappel-based pick off or for an assisted rappel. We added a loop to the end for a more positive grip when pulling to adjust Learn More
  11. Joko Lanyards by Petzl
    As low as $27.54
    Joko I & Y Lanyards, These are used in traditional via feratta settings as well for park staff. For participants, however, we recommend the use of an "Always On" system. Learn More
  12. Yates Nylon & Dyneema Daisy Chains
    As low as $25.00
    Yates Nylon & Dyneema Daisy Chains, Classic designed daisy chain made of 11/16" Nylon Super Tape or 12 & 14 mm Dymeema webbing. Learn More
  13. Kong - Medale - Via Ferrata
    Special Price $168.95 Regular Price $178.00

    Via Ferrata set made with 20 mm tubular webbing lanyards with inner elastic and Tango alu alloy connectors with double gate safety system.

    Fitted with high strength stitching and an energy absorber housed in a bag with zip for easy inspection.
    Conforms to the safety requirements of the new revision of EN 958:2017, which includes a load between 40 and 120 kg.
    Total length of the set: min. 85 cm - max. 120 cm.

    Learn More
  14. Kong K.K.E. Via Ferrata
    The Kong K.K.E offers tango alu alloy connectors with double gate safety system, elastic lanyard, high strength stitches, energy absorber recovered in a velcro bag for an easy inspection Learn More
  15. Kong K.K.R Via Ferrata
    The Kong KKR Via Ferrata set comes complete with carabiners, and is simply attached to the harness using a lark's foot Learn More
  16. Petzl Sequoia Attachment Bridge
    Attachment bridge for connection to the two gated rings of the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT arborist seat harnesses, to improve lateral mobility. Learn More
  17. Petzl Looping
    Four-step etrier that attaches to an ASCENSION rope clamp for rope ascents or directly onto an anchor for progression in overhangs or roofs. Learn More
  18. Petzl Jane Lanyard
    Can be combined with an ABSORBICA energy absorber to set up an energy-absorbing «I» or «Y» lanyard of less than two meters in length Learn More
  19. Robertson Lanyards: Custom Length Safety Lanyards
    Lanyards are used for protection on high zip lining, ropes courses, adventure courses, industrial heights and a variety of home applications. These are designed to meet the standards of high ropes course/zip line protection and many industrial requirements. Learn More
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