Figure8We feature the ‘best of all’ belay devices, descenders, and figure 8's from Petzl, Edelweis, CMI, Kong, CMC Rescue, and ABC. These are the products we use and recommend to our clients. 

Belay Devices and Descenders are essentially friction brakes. They are indispensable for controlling the rope, whether one is descending, stopping a fall, or protecting a move.  Devices can be used on single ropes (one strand for rappelling or belaying), as well as on double ropes (two strands for rappelling or belaying). 

"A belay device should be simple and easy to use. The rope should run smoothly through the device so your attention is always on the climber, not on tangled or twisted rope. There are dozens of belay devices on the market. Some are simple friction devices, like stitch plates, tubes, or figure 8's that have no moving parts. An alternative is an automatic belay device that works on a camming principle. Stitch (or belay) plates are flat pieces of metal with holes for one or two bights of rope. Usually the openings are two different sizes. Plates are easy to use, but they aren't smooth rope handlers. Tubes are a modern reincarnation of the traditional belay plate. They have two equal sized holes, so you can switch from single to double rope belays with ease."

By Nancy Prichard

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  1. Petzl Stop Descender Device
    Originally designed for single rope descents in caving, the Stop has become a standard tool for the rope access worker. The Stop is designed to automatically "stop" the descent when the red handle is not depressed. Learn More
  2. CMI Rescue Rack Rappelling Rack Descender
    We chose stainless steel over aluminum because of its "wearever" qualities. In order to compensate for the reduced friction inherent in stainless bars, we increased the radius of the friction surface to a full 1/2". Learn More
  3. Sport Rack - Rappelling Descender
    CMI Sport Racks are formed from 5/16" diameter stainless steel and are fitted with oversize stainless steel bars. We chose stainless steel over aluminum because of its "wearever" qualities. Learn More
  4. Mini Rack Rappelling Descender
    The handy alternative for shorter drops or lighter loads. To reduce weight, the rack is drawn from 5/16" stainless steel, and the solid bars are formed from anodized aluminum. Learn More
  5. Hyper Rack Rappelling Descender Rack
    Our HyperBars, a solid anodized aluminum bar with a single lock-off pin, allow for easier and safer lock offs. The HyperRack includes a single HyperBar. Learn More
  6. Hyper Rack Extreme Rappelling Descender
    The handy alternative for shorter drops or lighter loads. To reduce weight, the rack is drawn from 5/16" stainless steel, and the solid bars are formed from anodized aluminum. Learn More
  7. KONG HYDROBOT Rappel/Belay Devices
    Hydrobot is a new tool conceived for Hydrobot is a new tool conceived for modern canyoning; can be used both with one or two ropes and it allows an easy changement of the braking under load. Learn More
  8. Petzl Pirana Descender
    The PIRANA descender offers multiple braking options and can be installed on the rope without removing it from the harness. Designed for use with canyoning descent techniques. Learn More
  9. Belay 8- Mini Rescue 8
    As low as $17.00
    The Ballet 8 is one of the smallest and strongest mini 8's available. Equipped with Ears, it will serve as a rescue 8, personal escape device, or a regular rappel 8. Learn More
  10. Robertson Rope Belay Spool
    As low as $114.00
    This manual rescue belay can be used as a self belay or with a belayer. The side plates and drum are made from heat treated 6061 T6 Aluminum while the two stainless steel pins keep the rope seperated as it is reaved around the drum. Drum is Aircraft Hard Anodized for extended wear which cost more but makes for a superior product. Learn More
  11. Petzl RIG - Compact self-braking descender
    As low as $239.94
    Compact self-braking descender, Lock off and work with minimum gear to tangle. The Petzl Rig is a proven performer for the zip line and ropes course construction industry. Learn More
  12. Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest Device
    As low as $287.94
    Petzl ASAP Fall Arrest Device, In normal use, the device moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and accompanies the user in all his movements. Learn More
  13. Petzl Simple Descender
    Petzl Simple Descender, The hand holding the free end of the rope is used to control or stop the descent. In narrow pitches, the Simple Descender has the advantage of being able to follow along the rope on its own, without manipulation. It is for use with ropes from 9 to 12 mm. Learn More
  14. Petzl Rack Brake Bar Descender
    Petzl Rack Brake Bar Descender, The design and configuration of the bars makes it easy to set up and insert the rope. Compact and lightweight, the device allows the user to adjust the amount of friction during the descent to adapt to changing conditions Learn More
  15. Cypher ARC Rappel and Belay Device
    Special Price $16.50 Regular Price $17.99
    GREAT ECONOMICAL BELAY DEVICE. If you are looking for a good ATC style belay device, this is it: Cypher ARC Rappel and Belay Device. Crafted from high-density aircraft-grade aluminum, the ARC is engineered to keep your rope running smoothly through the device for quick payouts and long rappels. Learn More
  16. Petzl Paw Rigging Plate
    As low as $35.94
    Petzl Paw Rigging Plate, Coming in three sizes for different set ups the PAW provides strong and lightweight organization for your rope set up. Learn More
  17. Petzl Pro Traxion
    The PRO TRAXION progress capture pulley is designed to allow rope installation while the pulley is connected to the anchor. With its large diameter sheave and great efficiency, it is particularly appropriate for hauling heavy loads. Learn More
  18. Petzl Micro Traxion
    MICRO TRAXION is an ultra-compact, extremely light progress capture pulley that is exceptionally efficient. The cam can be locked in open position so the device can be used as a simple pulley. Learn More
  19. Petzl Catch
    Catch for PANTIN foot ascender, helps to keep the rope in the device during rope ascents. It is available for PANTIN in right- and left-foot versions. Learn More
  20. Petzl Footcord
    The adjustable FOOTCORD foot loop is used with an ASCENSION or BASIC rope clamp for rope ascents. Its 100 % Dyneema® construction increases durability. Learn More
  21. Petzl Looping
    Four-step etrier that attaches to an ASCENSION rope clamp for rope ascents or directly onto an anchor for progression in overhangs or roofs. Learn More
  22. Petzl Secur Shoulder Strrap
    SECUR shoulder straps position the CROLL chest rope clamp and attach to AVAO SIT, FALCON, FALCON ASCENT and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses. Learn More
  23. Petzl Pro Pulley
    Openable even when attached to the anchor, the PRO pulley is designed for maximum simplicity when setting up hauling or load deviation systems. Learn More
  24. Petzl Twin Pulley
    High-strength double pulley designed for rescue professionals to set up progress capture systems of high mechanical advantage. Learn More
  25. Edelrid Micro Jul
    A compact, ultra-light belay and abseil device for half ropes and twin ropes. The only suitable device for use with the Flycatcher 6.9 mm. Learn More
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