Zip_Line_Brake_BlockAdventure Rope Gear provides the finest selection of zip line brakes and zip line products. Zip Lines have become a back adventure phenomenon from little baby yard zip lines to mile-long zip lines. A major canopy tour zip line tourist industry is emerging with production of zip line trolleys, harnesses and zip line safety gear, Zip Line Trolleys, zip line pulleys and zip line gear. We offer a variety of zip line brakes designed for backyard zips, canopy tours and professional zip line operation and zip line tours.  



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  1. CMI Ultrabrake
    As low as $188.00
    CMI Ultrabrake, Designed for hard use and maximum UV resistance, the material has a low friction coefficient and is self-lubricating with a non-adherent surface. Learn More
  2. CMI Trolley Brake Block
    As low as $95.05
    CMI Trolley Brake Block, The striking surface is crafted from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, noted for it's exceptional wear resistance. Steel hardware and a galvanized eye bolt round out the package Learn More
  3. Head Rush zipSTOP Zip Line Braking System
    The Head Rush zipSTOP Braking System. This zipSTOP Brake Trolley is engineered for a fine balance. It is able to handle the abuse of heavy impact collisions, yet light enough to increase the odds of reliable reset. Learn More
  4. Head Rush zipSTOP Brake Trolley
    As low as $238.80
    The Head Rush Brake Trolley is a replacement for the brake trolley that came with your Head Rush zipSTOP Zip Line Brake. Please ensure that you select the correct size for your zip line cable. Learn More
  5. Head Rush zipSTOP Brake Trolley Catch Accessory Kit Upgrade
    The Catch Accessory is designed to keep the Impact Trolley and zipSTOP Brake Trolley attached after contact with each other, making for easier rider retrieval. Learn More
  6. Head Rush zipSTOP IR Replacement Braking Line
    The Head Rush zipSTOP IR Zip Line Brake is fitted with a braking line that can be replaced easily in the field by the owner using the Replacement Braking Line. Learn More
  7. Head Rush zipSTOP Replacement Braking Line
    The zipSTOP Zip Line Brake is fitted with a braking line that can be replaced in the field easily by the owner using the Replacement Braking Line. Learn More
  8. Head Rush zipSTOP Pivot Mount Bracket
    The zipSTOP Pivot Mount expands the mounting possibilities of your zipSTOP or zipSTOP IR Zip Line Brake, allowing the use of a gantry. Learn More
  9. Head Rush zipSTOP IR/ zip STOP IR Zip Line Braking System
    The best brake for your zip line,Head Rush zipSTOP Zip Line Brake uses Head Rush's self-regulating eddy current magnetic braking system to brake zip line riders smoothly, comfortably, and consistently, even at high speeds. Learn More
  10. Bungee Cord Shock Cord
    As low as $25.00
    Nylon Shock Cord consists of a stranded rubber core covered with braided fiber resulting in an elastic cord with consistent stretch and strength. The durable "bungee type" cord is covered with nylon. Learn More
  11. Brakehawk- Zip Line Hand Brake
    As low as $131.94
    Brakehawk- Zip Line Hand Brake, No more burning through bulky welding gloves or slamming into a zip line bungee brake that leaves you with a hurting neck Learn More
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