Rescue_GearZipline rescue equipment, Zipline search and rescue gear, fall protection gear, rope access training and equipment, tree climbing harnesses and apparel, confined space rescue training and equipment, high angle rescue equipment, mountain rescue gear, water rescue equipment and industrial safety equipment: Featuring CMC, The leading name in rescue equipment. Rescue classes with CMC rescue: Ropes course, rescue courses. Today Rescue training is expected on all challenge courses. You and your rescue team will love our deals on everything you need to conduct ropes course and zipline rescues.



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  1. Petzl Ascension Ascender

    Petzl Ascension Ascender

    The Ascension Ascender by Petzl is the benchmark for handled ascenders and has been refined to provide greater comfort; efficiency, ease of use. Learn More

  2. Mongoose Ropes Course Cable Pulley

    Mongoose Ropes Course Cable Pulley

    The Mongoose Cable Pulley was designed to provide a secure running belay on ropes challenge course cable. It features a case hardened steel sheave heat treated .030 deep to a rockwell C scale of 56-58 Learn More

  3. Petzl Pantin Ascender Right Foot

    Petzl Pantin Ascender

    Petzl Pantin Ascender, A big advantage for long rope ascents. With the Pantin Ascender supporting the foot, the body is held in a more upright position thus making the ascent faster and less tiring for the arms. Learn More

  4. Petzl Tango Dynamic Rope

    Petzl Tango Dynamic Rope

    EverFlex treatment: special thermal treatment stabilizes the core strands and improves consistency; offers excellent grip and consistent handling over time. Learn More

  5. CMC Protech Pulley

    CMC Protech Pulley

    The choice for anyone that needs a super light, high strength pulley such as for mountain rescue, ski patrol, tower work, and swift water rescue. Learn More

  6. CMI Foot Ascender

    CMI Foot Ascender

    Rope climbing is made easier by the CMI Foot Ascender. The addition of this boot-mounted device maintains tension on the rope, allowing for easier advancement of the main ascender, and promotes better use of body mechanics by keeping your body in an upright position. Learn More

  7. CMI Double Expedition Ascender

    CMI Double Expedition Ascender

    CMI Double Expedition Ascender, The cam is the same design as those in our now famous Ultrascenders and carries the same lifetime wear-out guarantee. Extra large handgrip opening easily accomodates gloved or mittened hands Learn More

  8. Kong “Y” Rescue Lark&#39s Foot1

    Kong "Y" Rescue Lark's Foot

    The Kong "Y" Rescue Lark's Foot is an asymmetric security loop in Y-shape of 13mm tape for self-securing canyoning. Learn More

  9. Petzl Fixe Pulley

    Petzl Fixe Pulley

    Versatile, compact pulley for quick installation onto the rope. Learn More

  10. Zip Line Rescue Kit

    Zip Line Rescue Kit

    BE READY if a guest or student arrive unconscious while ziplining. This is a simple system that can be done with one rescuer in almost any situation. Learn More

  11. Rescue Utility Loops Webbing Runners

    Rescue Utility Loops Webbing Runners

    Designed for placing protection when climbing towers, CMC's Utility Loops allow versatility in setting anchors. Sewn from one inch tubular web for high strength and good grip when tied off with a Girth Hitch. Learn More

  12. Kershaw Rescue Blur Red Serrated1

    Kershaw Rescue Blur Red Serrated

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price: $89.99

    Kershaw Rescue Blur Red Serrated, The Rescue Blur features a rounded-tip blade for safer cutting in close or dangerous situations. Blurs are SpeedSafe equipped for smooth, one-handed opening Learn More

  13. Petzl Arial Dynamic Rope

    Petzl Arial Dynamic Rope

    UltraSonic Finish: the core and the sheath are bonded together at the rope ends by an ultrasonic process called UltraSonic Finish; gives greater durability and avoids frayed ends. Learn More

  14. CMC Rescue 8 Belay Device

    CMC Rescue 8 Belay Device

    The classic CMC Rescue 8 has been refined for even better performance with the current selection of rescue rope sizes from 7/16 to 5/8 inch. Learn More



    For hostile environments and maximum service life. Blue Anodized Aluminum sideplates, 2 3/8" Aluminum sheave, Bearing, and Stainless Steel axle. Learn More

  16. Kong Futura Foot Ascender

    Kong Futura Foot Ascender

    Kong Futura Foot Ascender, the Futura system (hand ascender, chest ascender and foot ascender) will be the most compact SRT hardware available on the market - but it will not be the cheapest! The Futura is here. A radical new approach to climbing ropes. Designed by top cavers for tight places in the most remote areas on earth (or under it). Surprisingly simple the new designs are comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic grips. Learn More

  17. Maxim: Apex Dynamic Climbing Rope

    Maxim: Apex Dynamic Climbing Rope

    Maxim: Apex Dynamic Climbing Rope, Made using unique stranded core yarns of Perlon-type nylon fiber held in place by a tightly braided, highly abrasion resistant sheath, this 100% nylon rope knots easily and is extremely flexible and free running Learn More

  18. Petzl Twin Pulley

    Petzl Twin Pulley

    High-strength double pulley designed for rescue professionals to set up progress capture systems of high mechanical advantage. Learn More

  19. Rescue XL Aluminum Ladder Hook Carabiner2

    Rescue XL Aluminum Ladder Hook Carabiner

    Rescuers working in the most demanding circumstances will appreciate our ProSeries XL Aluminum Ladder Hook Carabiners, the first aluminum carabiners to meet NFPA strength requirements for General Use. Learn More

  20. CMI Rescue Rack Rappelling Rack Descender1

    CMI Rescue Rack Rappelling Rack Descender

    We chose stainless steel over aluminum because of its "wearever" qualities. In order to compensate for the reduced friction inherent in stainless bars, we increased the radius of the friction surface to a full 1/2". Learn More

  21. Ballet 8- Mini Rescue 8

    Ballet 8- Mini Rescue 8

    The Ballet 8 is one of the smallest and strongest mini 8's available. Equipped with Ears, it will serve as a rescue 8, personal escape device, or a regular rappel 8. Learn More

  22. Petzl Java Dynamic Rope

    Petzl Java Dynamic Rope

    Greater longevity. The core of the rope is designed to reduce sheath slippage and enhance durability. Learn More

  23. CMI Rope Pulley RP101

    CMI Rope Pulley RP101

    Red Anodized Aluminum sideplates, 2 3/8" Glass-filled Celcon sheave, n/a, and Stainless Steel axle. The original rope pulley! Durable design, great action, light weight and easy to use. Learn More



    CMI EXPEDITION ASCENDER, The Expedition Ascender is a perfect choice for big wall or mountaineering endeavors. Engineered for comfort, the handle opening is extra wide to accommodate gloved hands. Works with 7mm-12mm ropes. Sold individually. Learn More

  25. Petzl Rescucender Ascender

    Petzl Rescucender Ascender

    Simple to use and ergonomic, the RESCUCENDER is an openable cam-loaded rope clamp designed for use in haul systems as a tractor or progress capture device. Learn More

  26. Petzl Pro Pulley

    Petzl Pro Pulley

    Openable even when attached to the anchor, the PRO pulley is designed for maximum simplicity when setting up hauling or load deviation systems. Learn More

  27. Etriers: CMC Rescue Etrier w/ Tie In 3

    Etriers: CMC Rescue Etrier

    Made of 1-inch (25-mm) mil-spec tubular web and designed specifically for rescue, this etrier is superior for litter tending and other vertical activities. Learn More

  28. Ropewalker Ascenders: Rope Ascenders1

    Ropewalker Ascenders: Rope Ascenders

    Our enhancements include adjustable spring tension, a reversible cable and pin, and "mud vents" to help prevent dirt caked on rope from degrading ascender performance. Learn More



    CMC RESCUE 100% STAINLESS STEEL CARABINER, You work in some of the toughest conditions imaginable, and need a carabiner that is ready to perform no matter how harsh the environment Learn More

  30. New England KM III Static Kernmantle Rescue Rope

    New England KM III Static Kernmantle Rescue Rope

    A superior handling rescue lifeline, New England Ropes KM III static, kernmantle rope features a composite construction of nylon and polyester fibers. KM III has a weight-balanced construction with the sheath and the core each representing 50% of the total weight. Learn More

  31. CMI RP137 Rope Pulley

    CMI RP137 Rope Pulley

    Purple Anodized Aluminum sideplates, 1 1/4" Aluminum sheave, Bushing, and Stainless Steel axle. Learn More

  32. Petzl Bermude Rescue Triangle2

    Petzl Bermude Rescue Triangle

    Petzl Bermude Rescue Triangle is designed for the rapid evacuation of victims. The Bermude is very easy to put onto a person, even in a sitting position. With its alternative attachment points, it easily adapts to all body sizes from children to adults. Learn More

  33. Petzl Croll Ascender

    Petzl Croll Ascender

    Petzl Croll Ascender, The CROLL chest ascender is unmatched for efficiency on fixed lines. Compact and lightweight, it does not interfere with progression. The stainless steel wear plate improves durability by reinforcing the rope friction zone. Learn More

  34. Sterling Static HTP 9mm Rope

    Sterling Static HTP 9mm Rope

    100% polyester static kernmantle construction that is lightweight and offers super low-elongation. Learn More

  35. Rescue Edge Rope Pads

    Rescue Edge Rope Pads

    Our heavy-duty edge pad, made from rugged 24-oz #4 canvas protects ropes from abrasion and helps keep them clean, increasing their life. It also reduces the amount a rope digs into a soft edge, such as the berm of a road. Learn More

  36. Large Ultrascenders

    Large Ultrascenders

    Our new Ultrascenders are designed to be the most convenient and easy to use ascenders around. We've added a new ergonomically designed safety mechanism which is integrated into the handle channel for maximum ease of use in those long "over the lip" stretches. Learn More

Items 1 to 36 of 106 total

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