Zipline_HarnessWe feature the best zipline harnesses wordwide, Full body harnesses, kids harnesses, sit harnesses, zipline harnesses. We have tested and selected the best zipline harnesses from the thousands of 'want-to-be's'. Featured zipline harnesses are the best made, most comfortable, and least expensive zipline harnesses we could find! We have found and feature the finest zipline harnesses available. A zipline harness is a piece of equipment used in certain types of zipline activities.


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  1. Petzl LUNA Womans Harness

    Petzl Luna Harness

    The adjustable leg loops of the LUNA harness make it an ideal piece of equipment for mountaineering, ziplining, and ice climbing. Learn More

  2. Adjama Climbing Harness

    Adjama Climbing Harness

    Adjama Climbing Harness, Lightweight and very flexible, thanks to the Delta System leg loop front panels and small dimension leg buckles. Learn More

  3. Petzl Sequoia Attachment Bridge

    Petzl Sequoia Attachment Bridge

    Attachment bridge for connection to the two gated rings of the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT arborist seat harnesses, to improve lateral mobility. Learn More

  4. Edelrid Joker Harness

    Edelrid Joker Harness

    An adjustable harness for climbing centers, guided courses and training events. Learn More

  5. Petzl Sequoia Harness

    Petzl Sequoia Harness

    The SEQUOIA is a seat harness for tree care. It is designed for the arborist's comfort. The extra-wide, semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops give excellent support. Learn More

  6. Yates Alpine Chest Harness

    Yates Alpine Chest Harness


    Out of stock

    hest harness features 1" flat webbing shoulder straps with 2" webbing around the chest. Learn More

  7. Petzl Secur

    Petzl Secur Shoulder Strrap

    SECUR shoulder straps position the CROLL chest rope clamp and attach to AVAO SIT, FALCON, FALCON ASCENT and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses. Learn More

  8. Zip Line Tour Harness Ropes Course Harness

    Robertson Zip Line Tour Harness

    This is a great ropes course or zip line harness. Front and clip in options with chest harness permanently attached. Learn More

  9. Roar Deluxe Zip Line Harness-Professional Harness1

    Roar Deluxe Zip Line Harness-Professional Harness

    Roar Deluxe Zip Line Harness-Professional Harness, The Roar Deluxe Zip Line Harness is perfect for many adventurers who have disabilities Learn More

  10. Petzl Newton Harness

    Petzl Newton Harness

    Fall arrest harness that is comfortable for work and easy to use. It offers ergonomic stowage of MGO connectors and has fall indicators. It is certified to North American, European and Russian standards. Learn More

  11. Edelrid Jay II Harness Oasis

    Edelrid Jay II Harness

    The Jay is the perfect all-rounder with adjustable leg loops for all types of climbing. Learn More

  12. Petzl CANYON Harness

    Petzl CANYON Harness

    Whitewater cascades, rappelling, caving, spelunking, swimming, jumping, ziplining... this is the domain of the CANYON harness. Rugged, non-absorbent materials ensure lightweight longevity for all your aquatic adventures. Learn More

  13. Yates Quick-Clip Gym Harness3

    Yates Quick-Clip Gym Harness

    Yates Quick-Clip Gym Harness, Reinforced Clip-in point for durability. Position of clip-in allows for higher center of gravity to reduce inversion during a fall. Waist belt buckle is located forward in front of hip bones. Learn More

  14. Petzl Ring

    Petzl Ring

    The RING connection ring installs directly onto the SEQUOIA or SEQUOIA SRT harness's attachment bridge to improve the arborist's lateral mobility by providing a firm stop against the gated rings. Learn More

  15. Cypress Ropes Course Zip Line Harness

    Cypress Ropes Course Zip Line Harness

    A zip line and ropes course harness can be clipped in to the front or the rear for superman style zip line rides. Learn More

  16. Petzl Panji Harness

    Petzl Panji Harness

    PANJI adventure park/zipline harness is a one size harness covering a very wide range of body sizes. Learn More

  17. Spreader Bar

    Spreader Bar

    The Zip Line Spreader Bar is used in conjuction with the ARC Harness to keep the attachment points equally spread and to prevent pressure on the participant. Can also be used to help the handicapable safely go down a zipline when used along side a Fusion Learn More

  18. Edelrid Wing Harness Oasis

    Edelrid Wing Harness

    Comfortable alpine harness with adjustable leg loops and laminated harness construction. Learn More

  19. Edelrid Fraggle II Kids Harness Sahara

    Edelrid Fraggle II Kids Harness

    A unique full body harness with jointed padding for the children up to 40 kg. Learn More

  20. Petzl Gym Climbing/Zipline Harness

    Petzl Gym Climbing/Zipline Harness

    This is a simplified version of the PANDION without a equipment loop for climbing rental programs, zipline programs etc. Learn More

  21. Torse Shoulder Strap

    Torse Shoulder Strap

    Torse Shoulder Strap, The TORSE shoulder strap allows the CROLL ventral rope clamp to remain correctly positioned in order to optimize efficiency and comfort during rope ascents. Learn More

  22. Petzl Stef

    Petzl Stef

    The STEF device joins the three connection points of the NEST litter and allows it to be easily tilted according to the terrain. Learn More

  23. Robertson Guide Harness

    Robertson Guide Harness

    The Robertson Guide Ropes Course/Zip Line Harness is one of the most popular harnesses for ropes challenge courses, caving and adult zip lines. Learn More

  24. Zip Line Tour D Ropes Course/Zipline Harness3

    Zip Line Tour D Ropes Course/Zipline Harness

    Now with the rear clip in D ring. This harness is perfect for High V and Wild Woozy high ropes elements and zipline runs. Learn More

  25. Finesse Zipline Harness

    Finesse Zipline Harness

    The Finesse climbing/zipline harness is designed specifically for women. It is slightly narrower and lighter than our Silhouette harness, making it a great choice for single pitch or sport climbing applications or even zipline runs. Learn More

  26. Edelrid Cyrus Harness

    Edelrid Cyrus Harness

    Probably the most comfortable harness money can buy, with 3D-Vent Technology for unparalleled wear comfort. Whether sport routes or longer alpine climbs, the Cyrus is suitable for all conditions. Learn More

  27. Petzl Sama  Harness

    Petzl Sama Harness

    The SAMA harness is ideal for sport climbing and zip lining . With its EndoFrame construction, it provides excellent weight distribution around the waist and legs to ensure greater comfort. Learn More

  28. Aspir Adjustable Harness

    Aspir Adjustable Harness

    Aspir Adjustable Harness, Its low bulk and large range of adjustability also make it great for mountaineering and glacier travel. A great harness too for via ferrata and adventure parks. Learn More

  29. Petzl Chest'Air

    Petzl Chest'Air

    The CHEST’AIR chest harness transforms the FALCON, FALCON MOUNTAIN, AVAO SIT and SEQUOIA SRT seat harnesses into fall arrest harnesses. Connects simply to the harness ventral attachment point for rapid installation. Learn More

  30. Edelrid Joker Junior Harness

    Edelrid Joker Junior Harness

    An adjustable harness for climbing centers, guided courses and training events. Learn More

  31. CMC Rescue Harnesses Work/Zipline Harness

    CMC Rescue Harnesses Work/Zipline Harness

    The unique contoured padding pattern and breathable material on the waist and leg padding provides a snug, comfortable fit while ziplining or working. The new front lift design increases sitting comfort for ziplining and the new Web-Keepers secure loose ends. Learn More

  32. Deluxe Zip Tour Padded Harness VIP edition

    Zip Tour Padded Harness

    This is a great ropes course or zip line harness for professional zip tour and ropes course operations. The security of waist - chest harness combo and the comfort of a full body padded harness for adult programs, tour operations, and applications where the user is in the harness for long periods of time. Learn More

  33. Yates Figure Eight Chest Harness1

    Yates Figure Eight Chest Harness

    Yates Figure Eight Chest Harness, Great for use on zip line operations. Attachment points at waist and between shoulders. Safety attachment at rear of waist. Padded waist belt. Super easy to get on and adjust. Learn More

  34. Edelrid Solaris Woman Harness

    Edelrid Solaris Woman Harness

    3D-Vent women’s harness. Our fully-adjustable Solaris women’s harness features EDELRID 3D-Vent Technology and is specially designed to fit the female anatomy. Learn More

  35. Cypress Instructors Padded Harness

    Robertson Cypress Instructors Padded Harness

    The Cypress Zipline padded instructors harness is great for ropes course facilitators/zipline tour guides who need comfort for long days on the course and the need to have a clip-in point in the back. Learn More

  36. Superman Harness-Super Ripper2

    Superman Harness-Super Ripper

    Superman Harness-Super Ripper, Well the Superman Harness-Super Ripper can make your dreams come true and be Superman. The Superman Harness-Super Ripper allows you to fly head first down a zip line, yet straps you down and keeps you safe Learn More

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