Zipline_TrolleyWe feature the largest selection of zipline trolleys in the world! We feature only the zip line trolleys, cable pulleys, ropes course pulleys and SRD's that we like and use in the field. We are always testing new zipline equipment in many applications.  These are our top choices for zip line trolleys, cable pulleys canopy tours, and shear reduction devices (SRD's).  Cable and zipline pulleys have steel sheaves which will not wear much on steel cables. We have evaluated just about every zip line pulley there is. Check out our:



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  1. SR71 Hammer Zip Line Trolley3
    Using machined axles which may cost more but give the SR-71 Hammer zip line trolley unparalleled structural integrity. Learn More
  2. Zip Line Trolley Braking System6

    Regular Price: $385.00

    Special Price: $295.00

    This zip line trolley utilizes hand brakes mounted to a handle which operate just like that of a bicycle. Riders squeeze the brake levers and come to a gentle and smooth stop. Learn More
  3. Falcon Mini Zipline Trolley3
    The Falcon Mini Zipline Trolley features a unique, ergonomic design that can handle speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. The anti-rollback feature prevents the potentially dangerous situations that can occur when a zipline customer fails to reach the platform and rolls back onto the line and the delay that the rollback can cause when the customer needs to be retrieved. Learn More
  4. Fusion Advent Speed Trolley2

    Regular Price: $94.60

    Special Price: $85.00

    This pulley has 2 points of attachment both primary and back-up. Great for commercial operators by giving them the ability to replace bearings for extended use. Learn More
  5. Petzl Tandem Rope Pulley Trolley
    Designed for tyrolean traverses on rope. Light weight, easy to load and uni-body design. Learn More
  6. Zip Line Construction Guide

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price: $29.95

    Include new braking systems, more info for deck landings, and really long zip lines. We have built hundreds of zip lines all over the country and world. This guide is written by professionals and reviewed by zip line professionals. Learn More
  7. Petzl Pro Traxion
    The PRO TRAXION progress capture pulley is designed to allow rope installation while the pulley is connected to the anchor. With its large diameter sheave and great efficiency, it is particularly appropriate for hauling heavy loads. Learn More
  8. ZipSTOP Breaking System
    The Head Rush zipSTOP Braking System. This zipSTOP Brake Trolley is engineered for a fine balance. It is able to handle the abuse of heavy impact collisions, yet light enough to increase the odds of reliable reset. Learn More
  9. Zip Tour Trolley - Professional Zip Line Trolley
    A practical zip line tour trolley for professional zip line tours and canopy tours. The ultra-long design provides superior stability and travel on any zip line at any speed. Learn More
  10. Mighty Mini Zip Line Trolley
    The Mighty Mini is the only zip line trolley that has 2" wheels which means full size bearings, fast zip line runs, a unbeatable longevity for a small frame trolley Learn More
    Unlike the competition it is assembled using machined axles which may cost more but give the SR-71 zip trolley unparalleled structural integrity. Learn More
  12. Fat Cat Zip Line Trolley-5/8", 3/4" Cable
    The Fat Cat is from a line of proven performers for zip line operations: Robertson Mountaineering. This specialized design works great for the thicker and larger 1/2" - 3/4" cables used more and more by zip line tours and canopy tours. Learn More
  13. CMI RTTROLLEY Rapid Transit ZiplineTrolley
    CMI RTTROLLEY Rapid Transit ZiplineTrolley, Stainless Steel sideplates, two 2" Stainless sheaves, Bearing, and Stainless Steel axle. Taking from the popularity of their velocity zipline trolley, CMI has launched a 2" wheel version, the RT zipline Trolley. Learn More
  14. Cobra Zip Line Trolley
    The "COBRA" cable pulley zip line trolley represents the most advanced design work using state of the art engineering techniques to build the safest and finest zip line trolley for the ropes course industry. Learn More
  15. Petzl Tandem Speed Pulley
    Petzl Tandem Speed Zip Line Trolley & Cable Pulley Designed for use on Zip Lines, slightly inclined Tyrolean traverses, on cable or rope. Learn More
  16. SMC Xtreme Zip Line Trolley1
    SMC Xtreme Zip Line Trolley, It is designed for extreme or continuous service in permanently rigged challenge courses, commercial ziplining, and for eco-tourism applications Learn More
  17. Tesa Speed  Zip Line Pulley9
    Tesa Speed Zip Line Pulley, For use with 9mm-13mm ropes, cables or zip lines. Basically another Petzl knock off. But this one is fast, works well, and is considerably less expensive. Learn More
    The CMI Velocity Micro Zipline trolley is a fast zip line trolley that is small and light weight. Stainless steel side plates assure long life and minimal wear. Learn More
  19. CMI Comtrolley Companion Trolley Pulley
    CMI Comtrolley Companion Trolley Pulley, Works best paired with the CMI Velocity Micro Trolley or Rapid Transit Trolley but it can be used by itself or as a companion for any of the other CMI cable trolleys. Learn More
  20. Trac P24 Zip Line Trolley
    PETZL Trac P24 Zip Line Trolley is designed for use on Zip Lines, slightly inclined Tyrolean traverses, on cable or rope. This is one of our top choices for canopy tours, zip line tours and ropes course zip line pulleys. Learn More
  21. TRAC PLUS Zip Line Trolley
    TRAC PLUS Zip Line Trolley, They cannot be dropped, thanks to the VERTIGO WIRE-LOCK carabiner, simplifying their functionality Learn More
  22. Canopy Tour Trolley: Zip Line Pulley
    Stainless Steel sideplates, two 2" Stainless Steel sheaves, Bearing, and Stainless Steel axle. Learn More
  23. Petzl Tandem Cable Pulley1
    These are good for short backyard zips and slow rope zip lines. This pulley is slower than the Tandem Speed but durable for short backyard ziplines and rope work. Learn More
  24. Brakehawk- Zip Line Hand Brake7
    Brakehawk- Zip Line Hand Brake, No more burning through bulky welding gloves or slamming into a zip line bungee brake that leaves you with a hurting neck Learn More
  25. Professional Canopy Tour Trolley: Zip Line Pulley
    Stainless Steel sideplates, two 2" Stainless Steel sheaves, Bearing, and Stainless Steel axle. Learn More
  26. Brakehawk Zip Line Brake Pads
  27. Kong Pamir Zip Line Trolley
    Kong, one of the great names in outdoor adventure has put its zip line trolley on the market. The Kong Pamir Zip Line Trolley is a double pulley that can be used effectively with either cable or rope. Learn More
  28. Kong Zipline Evo Trolley
    The Zip Line Evo pulley system is the latest in new ropes course and zip line tailored equipment by Kong. The evolution of our first pulley with integrated connector, that avoids every possibility of mistake. Learn More
    Probably the most common zip line trolley in use. Super heavy duty steel sheaves and sideplates for long lasting zip line and ropes course use. 1/2" or 3/8" cable. Learn More
  30. CMI "Beast" Tour Trolley Pulley
    CMI "Beast" Tour Trolley Pulley, Designed for the fast lane of zip line tours, this trolley features a front bumper, reinforced 'crimped' side bars and forward facing design with drop down handles. Learn More
  31. CMI Cable Pulley Ropes Course Pulley
    Designed for use on Challenge ropes course/Zip Lining traverses, on cable or rope. Super strong with a 10,000 rating and a sheathed back up bolt. Stainless steel sides make this cable pulley bomb proof. Learn More
  32. Mongoose Ropes Course Cable Pulley
    The Mongoose Cable Pulley was designed to provide a secure running belay on ropes challenge course cable. It features a case hardened steel sheave heat treated .030 deep to a rockwell C scale of 56-58 Learn More
  33. CMI SRD Shear Reduction Device4
    This is a great low profile SRD with a parallel attachment to easily align cable and belay loading. Super strong with a triple axle design and a thick folded plate design. Learn More
  34. Stargate Spinstatic SRD
    STARGATE SRD -Shear Reduction Device, The 4" aluminum sheave is hard anodized and pared from any excess weight, while the stainless frame surrounds the sheave with minimal surface contact Learn More

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