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Zip Line Super Cable / Wire Rope

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Zip Line Super Cable / Wire Rope / Starting at Only $2.45 a Foot!! 

Disclaimer: This is considered a special order item. A minimum of 2000ft is required per order, anything less will be refunded. Sizes over 1/2" do have a 4-6 month lead time. Please keep this in mind when placing your order as we cannot expedited any size of the Super Cable. 

Zip Line Super Cable aka Swaged Galvanized Cable is now available! This incredible cable has at least five times the life of ordinary cable, 25% more strength, 10% faster, and runs 50-70% quieter than traditional cable!½” Ziplining Super Cable starts as 5/8” Galvanized aircraft cable. It is then squeezed down to ½”. This process creates a smooth outer surface which greatly reduces wear by eliminating the individual strands that are exposed in normal cable. The individual strands on the top of normal ziplining cable, where the pulley rides, are what wears out necessitating the replacement of zip lines. By flattening the zip line cable, the trolley no longer glides on individual strands but on a smooth surface.

This smooth surface contact also eliminates most of the noise of traditional zip lines. This will allow the rider to thoroughly enjoy a peaceful zip line ride without the screaming of metal to metal contact right over their heads.

Most off the shelf trolleys are designed for ½” cable. Now get the strength of 5/8” cable with the economy of ½” ziplining cable. Because of the smooth surface, the trolley will have less friction, run cooler, and faster than traditional zip line cable.

This wire rope classification has 6 outer strands of 26 wires each with an IWRC core. By swaging the surface of wire rope, this construction is strong against abrasion and crushing, while maintaining high breaking strength. Super swaged ropes are used often in the logging industry, and sometimes on cranes, and now available in galvanized for the best zipline riding experience.

Finished Diameter

Approx. Weight Per Foot (lbs) Minimum Breaking Strength (lbs)
3/8" .350 20,874
1/2" .605 34,700
9/16" .779 43,500
5/8" .957


3/4" 1.37 76,800
7/8" 1.57 104,000

9/16", 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" are not keep in-stock and is made to order, please allow 90-120 days of lead time.

Call for an exact quote with shipping charges 520 896 2007 or email us at

An additional clamp, clip or ferrule is required at each termination. Must be properly torqued.

*All order placed with free shipping will not be proccessed. 


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