Gripple Ropes Course Cable Connector

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Gripple Ropes Course Cable Connector,

Gripple Cable Connector for Ropes Challenge Course. The Gripple Lockable is engineered for use on Rope Courses. Gripple Cable Connector is a new and improved system for terminating challenge ropes course element and belay cables. Developed from years of research and testing. The Gripple saves time, money and makes the course safer than traditional terminations. The real advantage is the ease of adjusting belay cables and element cables.

It replaces the need for several wire rope cable clamps (U-bolts, fist grip, J-Clamps etc) to terminate critical and standard ropes course applications. It eliminates the timely installation of the bolts and is easily tensioned on initial installation and for ropes course inspection and maintenance thereafter.

  • More than 5 times faster than traditional wire rope cable clamps
  • For 3/8" Cable 
  • Simple push-fit
  • Optimizes the integral strength of the ropes course cable
  • Locking bolts for ultimate safety
  • Easy to tension and re-tension
  • Suitable for use on standard and critical challenge ropes course applications 

The Gripple Lockable has been tested in accordance with International Standards. In addition, Gripple chose to perform their own stringent test program to ensure their product was not only fit for purpose, but exceeded the demanding criteria in a safety critical ropes challenge course environment. Key tests were...

Salt Spray test: Here the products is subjected to a severe saline solution to accelerate and simulate corrosion over a period of time. The ‘aged&#39 products were then included in the following tests to give the worst case scenario.Pull Load test : International standards require an 80% efficiency of the MBL of the wire rope. On average, the Gripple tests on 3/8"/ 10mm wire rope ( 7 x19 construction with a MBL of 14,388 lb) achieved an average of 91% of the BL = over 13, 000 lbs / almost 6 ton.

Cyclic load test: Similar to the dynamic test, but here the load used was almost 5 ton (4,884 lbs). The load is held for one minute, released and repeated. Standards specify two cycles. The Gripple Lockable achieved 1,000 cycles without any sign of wear.

Dynamic load test:  Here the products were loaded to 1,320 lbs, the load was then released and then reapplied, to simulate a dynamic motion either of a person or wind dynamic. While some standards state to repeat this test several times, Gripple extended the test to 1,000 cycles; again with ‘new&#39 and salt sprayed samples. All products tested achieved 1,000 cycles. 

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