Large Steel Carabiners

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Steel carabiners are referred in ropes course, zip line, and cable applications.

Large Steel Carabiners

Large Steel Screw-gate

Steel carabiners are referred in ropes course, zip line, and cable applications.

This Large D Screwgate is great for all ropes course and adventure course applications. Superior performance using a key gate to eliminate hang ups and harness snags, Measures 4-5/16 on the long axis and has a huge 1" gate opening to accomodate tons of gear, bulky harnesses, thick cables and big zip line trolleys. Weighs 7.3 oz.  

Large Steel Twistlock: 2 Stage

This carabiner has a key gate opening for smooth clips and unclips. No more snagging on ziplining harnesses, cables, gear or bolts. The 3,600 lb. side load gate meets the new ANSI standards for industrial use. Long axis is 4-5/16 long and has a 7/16 gate opening. Weighs 9.1 oz.

Large D twistlock plus: 3 Stage 

This Large 3 stage locking carabiner has a key gate system for ease of clipping and unclipping without snags. The 3,600 lb. side load gate meets the new ANSI standards for industrial use. Long axis is 4-5/16 long, The 7/16 gate opening allow clipping of bolts, cable, harnesses and gear. Weighs 9.1 oz. Can be special ordered in Black for 1.00 extra. 3 stage carabiners are preferred for participant clips, zip line trolleys, and any application where the carabiner gate may contact other components of the ropes course, rescue, or zip line system. Requires the user to lift, twist and then open, creating a 3 stage system practically immune to accidental openings. 





Screw Gate


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