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Serving Sleeves

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Serving Sleeves

Serving Sleeves 7/16" Serving sleeves are used in conjunction with wire rope clips and eliminate stray cable strands and frayed cable ends at the end of zip line (zip lining) runs which could cause injury. The belled end slips easily over the loose cable strands and a few light taps complete a quick neat serve. No crimping is required but may be recommended on element and belay cables. The 7/16"" serving sleeves is what you use on 3/8"" wire rope. Provides a safe and professional covering for ends of clamped wire rope connections. Order 3/8" serving sleeves for 5/16" wire rope and 7/16" serving sleeves for 3/8" wire rope. Chance Serving Sleeves, which have a flared end to speed application, are faster to apply than wire-wrap sleeves. Hot dip galvanized. 7/16" Serving Sleeve. This sleeve provides a safe and nice looking covering for ends of clamped wire rope connections.

Catalog NumberAccommodates Cable SizeLengthApprox. Ship Wt. per Each


3/16" - 1/4"

1 3/8"

0.028 lbs.


1/4" - 5/16"

1 1/2"

0.059 lbs.


5/16" - 3/8"

1 3/4"



3/8" - 7/16"


0.12 lbs.


7/16" - 1/2"

2 1/4"

0.13 lbs.


Serving sleeves are originally designed for Utility company guy wires. These are usually in a 1x7 configuration: 1 bundle of 7 strands. Cable used in ropes courses and zip lines is usually 7x19 or 6x24: Much more flexible. However more strands and bundles makes the outside diameter a bit larger than the 1x7 cable typically used by the utility industry. Therefore it is recommended to get one size larger than the utility specs: ie for 3/8" cable use a 7/16" serving sleeve. Using a 3/8" sleeve on 3/8" cable may require opening the sleeve a bit in order to install. Sleeves for 1/2" cable will be tight and possibly require opening up a bit to install.

6453 is used for 1/4" 7x19 cable

6455 is used for 3/8" 7x19  cable

6456 is used for 1/2" 7x19 cable

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