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Ropes Course Zip Line Staples

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Ropes Course Zip Line Staples

Staples for climbing poles- Ropes challenge course, zip line, tree houses, ziplining, & adventure parks.

Staples are the preferred way access ropes challenge course elements and zip line platforms: easy to install, easy to inspect, and easy to climb.  If properly installed, the 8" staples can perform as fall protection anchors. Climbing staples an be installed in almost any configuration and allow access to any tree or utility pole. Great for participant assents, staff inspections, and ropes course construction. Ideally they are installed in two columns: approx 8"-12" apart. Each column has staples 32" apart; making 16" steps for alternating feet and hands. 12" spacing may be appropriate for younger kids and special needs clients.

3/8" x 4" Staples are ideally used to secure belay or element cables from sliding or moving. Use a 1/4" pilot drill for poles and trees. These should not be used for supporting people and cannot be used for life support.

1/2" x 6" Staples are used for securing cable from moving on ziplines and access for climbing poles and trees. These are not recommended for life support/ fall protection anchors. They may meet the standards but over time, pole checking and shrinking will weaken the staples purchase and holding power. These are great for climbing steps while on a separate belay system. If you insist on using these 6" staples for fall protection anchors, then they must be installed with at least 60% of the staple sunk in the pole (<3-1/2" exposed). A 7/16"pilot bit should be used if installing in poles. A 3/8" pilot bit may appropriate for certain trees.

1/2" x 8" Staples are used as climbing steps for poles and trees. If properly installed, these can be used as fall protection anchors. Again 60% of the staple must be burried in the pole or tree. Proper pilot holes must be drilled, and the staple must be installed at a positive angle.  Over time, pole checking, cracks, and shrinkage may cause these to fail as a fall protection anchor. Inspections must be performed by a qualified person.  A 7/16"pilot bit should be used if installing in poles. A 3/8" pilot bit may appropriate for certain trees.

Many times staples are use with 'leap anchors'. The staples are for hands and feet and the leap anchors are for clipping into for safety.


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