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Lag Screws: Lag Bolts

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Lag Screw Lag Bolt - Galvanized

A Hex Lag Screw, also called a lag bolt, is a full-bodied threaded bolt with a hex head, spaced threads and a gimlet point. Typically used for LEAP anchors, deck constuction for zip lines and ropes courses. Hot Dipped Galvanized; Hex Head Lag Screw. 5/8" x 6" lags or 5/8" x 8" lags are recommended for Leap/Lead/Bolt hanger anchors where through bolts are not required.

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375x03 3/8" 3" Hex 5/8"   $ 1.00
375x04 3/8" 4" Hex 5/8"   $ 1.25
500x04 1/2" 4" Hex 3/4"   $ 1.35
500x06 1/2" 6" Hex 3/4"   $ 1.55
500x08 1/2" 8" Hex 3/4"   $ 1.75
625x04 5/8" 4" Hex 7/8"   $ 1.75
625x06 5/8" 6" Hex 7/8"   $ 2.00
625x08 5/8" 8" Hex 7/8"   $ 2.50
625x10 5/8" 10" Hex 7/8"   $ 3.00

Lag bolts are used to attached deck framing to utility poles and trees for ropes course elements and zip line platforms. 5/8" lag bolts can be also used for Heavy Duty bolt hangers like the LEAP anchor and to attached crossbeams to poles and trees for ropes course elements. Lag bolts, also called lag screws, are basically "large wood screws". The head is typically an external hex. The materials are usually carbon steel substrate with a coating of zinc galvanization (for corrosion resistance). The zinc coating may be bright (electroplated), yellow (electroplated), or dull gray hot-dip galvanized.


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