ABC 8 Figure 8 Rappel Device

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  • ABC 8 Figure 8 Rappel Device
  • ABC 8 Figure 8 Rappel Device
  • ABC 8 Figure 8 Rappel Device

ABC Figure 8 Rappel Device

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Classic figure eight descending rappel device

Made by ABC, the colored anodized aluminum Figure 8 descender is stylish as it user-friendly.  It can be used for descending ropes up to a height of ~120".  Figure 8 descenders are considered "fixed" friction descenders.   This device is also useful as a stitch plate, threading a bight of the rope through the bottom hole and clipping into it with a carabiner, one can belay their partner while climbing.    Weight: 100g Strength: 25kN

*NOTE: Figure 8 descenders tend to violently twist and kink the rope during rappels, exacerbating the wear on the rope, especially between the core and the sheath of the rope.  This twisting and kinking suggests early retirement of the rope.  Likewise, these descenders are very small and do not dissipate heat very well.  High speed rappels are discouraged with Figure 8 descenders.

The original design from the early 70's and every bit as useful and popular today. Crafted of aluminum alloy to maximize the strength-to-weight ratio, hardcoated to extend it's working life. Now available in a non-hardcoated version. Versatile and easy to use, excellent for the casual climber or rappeller. Program users love the extended useful life.

Our classic figure 8 provides one of the smoothest, easiest to control descents of any device. The Classic Figure 8 will also outlast most other rappel devices on the market. Fits ropes 9 - 12mm.

  • Strength: 25kN (8,000 lbs)
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • Light strength: 30kN
  • Light weight: 120 grams

Anodized is assorted color. 

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Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Liberty Mtn.

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